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Helpful Bike Links



Everything to do with biking in Washington!

This is the be-all to end-all; go here first for almost any information you might want that pertains to bikes, biking, and Washington State, including maps, trails, and clubs. If you canմ find it here, try some of the following sites.

General Information

Includes route sheets and maps

Travel with Bikes info site

Airline baggage regulations for bikes

Traffic and road conditions for King, Pierce, Snohomish counties

Kitsap road reports

National Weather Service (Seattleճ page)

King County Metro bike info

Sound Transit bike info


LaConner Bike Maps.pdf

La Conner Bike Maps

Fun, Interesting, & Just Plain Quirky

So, you want to calculate how less weight affects biking? Go here!

Visual stories from America and Asia

The name pretty much says it all

International Human-Powered Vehicle Association